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Pet Cremation Services 


Whether it's old age or a fatal condition, it's sad to say, but our furry friends will eventually pass away. When that does happen, many pet owners are left with questions about what to do with their pet and may have questions about pet cremation.

After the heartbreaking loss of a pet, or the realization that a pet is near death, it is a challenge to have to think about next steps, and what to do with your pet’s physical remains. Your veterinarian can likely help steer you through some of the options, as well as any local laws regarding burial or disposal of your pet. One option is pet cremation, which offers you the opportunity to have your pet’s ashes to keep, scatter, or bury.



  • Private pet cremations

    • During a private cremation, your pet is alone in the cremation space, which is carefully cleaned between use. This option is often a good one if you plan to keep your pet’s ashes since you can be assured that the ashes you have are only from your pet.





Making Your Decision


At Benson Brook Cremation Services in Parsonsfield, Maine, your pet will be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.



Police K9 and Military Service Dogs


We offer free pet cremation for Police K9 and military Service Dogs. Please contact us for more information. 

Call us: (207) 793-8558

Pickup and delivery services are available.


Please ask for details.

If you are using GPS to find us, please call us ahead to verify the directions.

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