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Pet Cremation Pre-Planning 


At Benson Brook Pet Cremation Services, we work hard to make dealing with the eventual loss of a pet as comfortable as possible. By planning in advance for your animal cremation service, Benson Brook is ready to care for your pet once we receive your call.


We can pick up your pet from your home or animal hospital.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning care for your pet with your veterinarian office, please call us asap and also inform your vet specifically that you have chosen Benson Brook Cremation in Parsonsfield, Maine for your pet's aftercare.  

If you would prefer, you are welcome to bring your pet to Benson Brook in Parsonsfield, Maine for care. Clients are also welcome to spend some final time with your pet in our sitting room before cremation.


After we care for your pet, we can deliver the ashes to you to spread at a favorite spot or, if you prefer, place them in a pre-picked tasteful urn or receptacle for safekeeping.


All pet cremation care is provided to your prearranged specifications. 


We know nobody wants to think about their beloved pet passing away.  Planning care in advance is one way we can help ease the burden and stress of losing a pet, as we will be ready to handle the respectful care of your pet.


Call us: (207) 793-8558
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