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Frequently Asked Questions

About Pet Cremation


  • What is the largest pet your facility can handle?

    • Our facility accepts pets as small as lizards and fish, to sheep, goats, alpacas, etc. 

    • Considering having your pet cremated so they can spend the rest of their lives with you? We suggest cremation as an alternative to burial. This way your pet's remains can be put into anything from a lovely cedar box, or a beautiful ceramic urn, and anything in between.

  • My veterinarian office offers cremation services. Do they use Benson Brook Pet Cremation?​

    • It is important to understand that you have a right to have your pet's aftercare provided by the facility of your choice. While many vet offices offer pet cremation services, they often times utilize out-of-state facilities to provide aftercare. Please call us ASAP at 207-793-8558 and inform your vet that you will be using Benson Brook Pet Cremation Service in Parsonsfield, Maine for your pet's aftercare.

  • Do you offer a private viewing area for pet owners?

    • Yes. We have built a carefully constructed viewing area with pet owners in mind. Our facility has a glassed-in viewing area where pet owners can see their beloved pets through the final process of cremation.



  • How do customers/clients get to our location?

    • Benson Brook Pet Cremation Services is located at 216 Benson Road, Parsonsfield, Maine, 04047. Just across the New Hampshire border, in Western Maine.

    • 20 minutes from Cornish, Maine

    • We are about an hour from Portland, and Kennebunk ME, as well as Portsmouth, and North Conway, NH. Less than an hour from the Sanford / Springvale, Maine area. 



  • What is the average cost of having a pet cremated?

    • Here at Benson Brook Pet Cremation Services, we take the size and weight of the animal in consideration. Then we add the additional fees depending on which type of cremation you would like for your pet. For a quote, please call. 

Call us: (207) 793-8558
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