• Our Promise To You

    We know that losing a pet is losing a member of the family. You have every right to expect whoever cares for your pet respects your wishes.

    It’s our mission as well as our business. We’re longtime loving pet owners too, and respect your loss. We provide personal and respectful care for your pet. You and your pet deserve that.

    Unlike others, we provide a respectful place if you want to be there when we care for your pet. We’re honored to provide the personal care you deserve because we care too. And why we provide a level of personal care far beyond the industry standards of any commercial providers.

    Because we strive to provide the personal and respectful care others don’t offer. You have every right to expect nothing less.

    My name is Gary Smith and I’m the owner of Benson Brook Pet Cremations.

    We hope you enjoy our website and we invite you to read more about us and see more of our great facility. We’re a family owned an operated with the respect and dignity that you and your pet deserve.

    As the owner of Benson Brook, I will be involved in all phases of operations – I will work side by side with all customers, addressing all concerns and honoring your wishes.

    As a pet owner, I know how hard it is to deal with the death of a pet. My most recent pets, Gretchen, a Rottweiler, died 19 years ago and Walter, a Bull Mastiff passed seven years ago. Thinking of them still brings a smile to my face and happy tears to my eyes.

    We also work with area veterinarians to ensure your pet’s transition is being handled in the most professional manner. We take pride in both our new buildings and equipment and encourage pet owners and veterinarians to visit us. – Get Directions!

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