Private Cremation - Individual and communal

    We offer to pick up your pet and delivery of the remains.

    We offer a private room where pet owners can spend time with their pet prior to cremation.

    Private cremations - You can rest assured that you will have your pet's complete remains.
    We use firebrick to create compartments for each pet. With advance notice, you may witness the cremation and/or hold a private ceremony.

    Communal or group cremations - for those who do not wish for the return of their pet's ashes.

    All pet ashes not being returned will be kept here until the Rainbow Bridge area is constructed. All donations are will go directly toward the cost of construction of this service area.

    No matter which service you choose, your pet will be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

    If you can't come to us, for an additional charge, we would be happy to pick up your pet and deliver the ashes to you.

    Your pet deserves nothing less than the best!

    Our Fees: The way we calculate the cost of any cremation starts with the weight of the animal. Then we add the additional fees depending on which type of cremation you would like for your pet.

    For a quote, please call us at 207-793-8558 now! We look forward to helping you through this unsettling time in your life.

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